Your View: ‘Appomattox’ and Edmonson Sisters comparison is false equivalency


By Jonathan Krall, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
I am writing to support removal of the “Appomattox” statue from the intersection of Prince and South Washington streets. Some argue that its removal is a denial of history.

Some suggest that, if erasing history is our goal, we might also remove the Edmonson Sisters statue. In fact, only one of these two memorials represents our values and aspirations.

Alexandrians once chose to erect a statue of a Confederate soldier placed with its back to Washington D.C., and all that it represents. This fact should be preserved in a museum or a sculpture garden. It is history that ought not be forgotten.

On our streets, however, memorials should inspire us as we strive to become our better selves. The Edmonson sisters struggled for freedom and equality. Their struggle is tragic, beautiful and eternal. The bitterness of “Appomattox” is none of these things.