Your View: Judge just the latest to err in La Bergerie decision

Your View: Judge just the latest to err in La Bergerie decision
Del Ray Cafe owners Laurent and Margaret Janowsky had been working to reopen La Bergerie at 329 N. Washington St. for more than three years. They announced June 18 they can no longer move forward with the relocation. (File photo)

By Jimm Roberts, Alexandria (File photo)

To the editor:
Connecting three decision dots led to a wrong end. The dots: the planning commission decision allowing restaurant La Bergerie to move into a residential neighborhood. This decision was supported by one made by city council.

The third decision was made by a retired judge. He declared community benefits outweigh individual rights.

This decision-making string wronged those who reside in the neighborhood into which the La Bergerie restaurant wants to move. The homeowners were so aggrieved by the first two decisions that they took legal action, foolishly believing the city should preserve their right to enjoy the tranquility of their homes.

I’m sure they also believed the judge would at least agree that cronyism existed during the decision-making process. Why else would a former mayor, related to the owners of the restaurant, appear at a planning commission hearing?

The hapless residents were no doubt shocked to learn that their right to enjoy peace and quiet in their homes was trumped by city council’s quest for ever greater tax revenues. Clearly, our avaricious city council, supported by a round-heels pro-development planning commission, believes they can reap more money from a larger La Bergerie.

Perhaps the city will get marginally more tax revenue from an expanded La Bergerie restaurant and inn. And perhaps La Bergerie will make a good neighbor.

But this is wrong: pretending cronyism didn’t exist and not making paramount the right of residents to enjoy the peace and quiet of their homes.