Alexandria resident pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter


By Alexa Epitropoulos |

An Alexandria resident pled guilty on Thursday to the involuntary manslaughter of 62-year-old resident Peter Palm.

Kyeshia Arrington, 25, also pled guilty to driving under the influence on Oct. 8, 2016, when she struck Palm with her car while he was crossing the street in the 200 block of North Henry Street, according to a press release issued by the city.

Witnesses present on the day of the incident reported that Arrington did not make attempts to brake or swerve before colliding with Palm, though he was visible in the street. Arrington drove away without checking on Palm’s status, but, a short time later, returned to the scene.

At that point, police at the scene noticed that the defendant was visibly intoxicated. A blood draw revealed that Arrington’s blood alcohol content was .145 percent by weight in volume more than four hours after the collision.

The release stated that a forensic toxicologist who was slated to speak at the trial planned to testify that her blood alcohol content would have been between .18 and .23 at the time of the crash. The legal blood alcohol content limit is .08 in Virginia.

After being hospitalized following the crash, Palm died as a result of his injuries on Nov. 19.

Arrington faces a maximum penalty of ten years for involuntary manslaughter and a maximum of one year for driving under the influence. In addition, her driver’s license issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia will be revoked indefinitely.

Sentencing for the case is expected on July 13 in the Circuit Court for the City of Alexandria.