Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Alexandria Times for raising relevant issues

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Alexandria Times for raising relevant issues

To the editor:

 It feels good to write and thank the editors of the Alexandria Times for publishing balanced and thoughtful editorials on critical issues affecting so many of us who live in Alexandria.

Alexandria is such a lovely place for so many reasons, but unfortunately several problems are garnering more and more concern.

One area of concern is related to transportation: the lack of parking combined with traffic congestion, car and bike scofflaws and pedestrian safety. Another is taxes that obviously are being raised everywhere possible to offset the debt spending by city government.

The defunct attempt at a business improvement district is an example of this as well as extended-hour parking meters in too many areas, now including residential blocks. These concerns are a result of city business decisions that bring short-term financial gains, but are threatening the long-term livability of Alexandria.

As citizen letters and now the Alexandria Times urges, it’s time for an ombudsman, ethics pledges for board and commission members coupled with fewer board and commission members appointed who have subtle but real benefits to gain from their decisions.

Thank you, Alexandria Times, and thanks to residents who take their valued time to bring concerns to the forefront whether in the press or at city council and other city commission and committee meetings. Open government with residents really at the table will ensure that Alexandria remains a lovely place to live.

 – Linda Couture, Alexandria