Residents concerned about RTN contaminants, RTS construction

Residents concerned about RTN contaminants, RTS construction
A construction crew and Thunderbird archaeologists work to excavate the Robinson Terminal South site (Photo Credit: Alexa Epitropoulos)

By Denise Dunbar |

Concern about potential contaminants at the Robinson Terminal North site dominated discussion at Monday afternoon’s Ad Hoc Monitoring Group for Waterfront Construction meeting.

Resident Randy Randol expressed concern that the City of Alexandria will ultimately be responsible for an expensive cleanup at the site. Task force member Bert Ely asserted that Graham Holdings has liability for what site owners CityInterests Inc. and Rooney
Properties don’t pick up.

Task force chair John Bordner agreed to draft a memo to City Attorney James Banks seeking clarification of responsibility for the site.

Members and the public also had a lengthy discussion with EYA representative Adam Hayes on progress at his firm’s project at Robinson Terminal South, where archaeological excavation continues. Hayes said the foundation stones of the Pioneer Mills structure have been excavated, and that EYA is looking for ways to utilize the stones. It plans to work with the city to possibly place foundation stones in parks along the waterfront.

Site improvements for wet and dry utilities are planned for January, as is the commencement of construction on townhouses, all of which will be built on concrete slabs. Excavation for the project’s garage is expected to take place in April or May 2018, with excavated dirt removed by barge. EYA expects the first townhouse building to be ready for occupancy in Fall 2018 and the first condo units to be complete by Fall 2019.

Hayes said EYA plans to meet with Alexandria residents in early January, and pledged the company would give at least 30 days’ notice prior to the session.