Alexandria resident featured on Shark Tank

Alexandria resident featured on Shark Tank
Business partners Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer on Shark Tank (Photo courtesy ABC)

Alexandria resident Glenn Archer got an opportunity of a lifetime when the company he co-owns landed a spot on hit ABC show Shark Tank.

Archer, along with business partner Kevin Williams, a former Arlington resident who now lives in Utah, traveled to Los Angeles to film the episode of Shark Tank in September. The two presented their product, Brush Hero, a brush that can be attached to a garden hose designed to clean car wheels, on the show.

“We’ve always been interested in Shark Tank because we believed Brush Hero was unique and had a big market,” Archer said. “We believe every garden hose in the world needs a Brush Hero.”

The duo received offers from ‘sharks’ Lori Greiner and Daymond John. John later withdrew his offer and Archer and Williams ultimately turned down Greiner’s second offer, which was $250,000 as a loan at seven percent interest and $250,000 for 25 percent equity.

“We did a good job and ended up turning down a deal from one of the judges because it didn’t fit our criteria,” Archer said. “It’s a shame that it happened because we really wanted to try to do a deal with Lori on the show. It just didn’t work out that way.”

Archer said the part of the process that most surprised him was that the ‘sharks’ didn’t know any information about the presenters or the company until they began their presentation. 

The two also weren’t informed that their presentation would be airing until two weeks out. Williams and Archer were featured on Shark Tank episode no. 917, which aired on Sunday at 8 p.m. 

“Even though Kevin and I did the show back in September, we had no knowledge about how they edited it down. They do a lot of taping and bring it down to a 10, 11 minute segment and we have no idea how they do that,” Archer said. “It came out as we expected.” 

Archer hosted a viewing party with 50 to 60 friends on Sunday night. Despite not making a deal, he said he hoped that the episode would result in more exposure for the brand.

“The most important thing is that millions and millions of people recognize the product and think to themselves ‘wouldn’t it be cool to have this brush attachment?'” Archer said.

Look for a full version of this story in the Alexandria Times’ Feb. 1 print edition.