Report: Alexandria rent on the decline

Report: Alexandria rent on the decline
The median rent went down in Alexandria in comparison to January, but is still up year-over-year (File photo)

By Alexa Epitropoulos |

Although the median rent for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in Alexandria is up in comparison to one year ago, the median rent is down month-over-month, according to a report from Zumper, an online apartment finding platform. 

Alexandria’s median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,680 as of early February, according to the report, a 2.3 percent decline month-over-month. The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2,030, a 5.1 percent decline month-over-month.

Renters shouldn’t necessarily take solace in this, however – Alexandria’s annual rent is still on the increase, with one-bedroom apartments up 6.3 percent in comparison to this time last year and two-bedroom apartments up 8 percent in comparison to last year.

Alexandria’s median rent is still one of the lowest in the region, however, according to Zumper’s data. The only city to have a lower median rent was Frederick, Maryland, whose median rent was $1,130 for a bedroom and $1,300 for a two-bedroom in February. The median rent in the commonwealth is $1,507, in comparison. 

Areas commanding the highest rents in the region were D.C., Arlington, Bethesda, Reston, Rockville and Silver Spring, which all outranked Alexandria. D.C.’s median rent was the highest at $2,280 for a one-bedroom and $2,950 for a two-bedroom.