Republican candidate enters race for city council

Republican candidate enters race for city council
Kevin Dunne (Courtesy Photo)

Kevin Dunne is the first Republican candidate to announce intentions to run for city council.

Dunne, a member of the city’s Beautification Commission and a board member of VeloCity Bicycle Cooperative, said in a news release his campaign will focus on “leveraging low-cost technology to prepare Alexandria for the future and to place it on the path toward financial stability.” 

He said he particularly wants to build new platforms of engagement to maximize city services and opportunities that are already in existence to improve the trajectory of local business and tourism.

Dunne, on his website, said his motivation for running is to minimize the amount of damage that will be caused by the city’s procrastination.

“Leadership in our city needs a stronger connection and incentive to protecting Alexandria long-term: restoring a balance in stewardship between present and future. The stakes are high and without careful observation, hard to see. But we – the future of our city – are underrepresented in helping search for it. Not one resident in this city can afford this,” Dunne said in a statement explaining his run.

Dunne will kick off his campaign with a picnic at Founders Park on April 7 at 1:30 p.m. 

Dunne joins the race alongside a field of Democratic candidates, including Dak Hardwick, Amy Jackson, Mo Seifeldein, Robert Ray, Canek Aguirre, Matt Feely and Elizabeth Bennett-Parker. Council incumbents Del Pepper, John Chapman, Willie Bailey and Paul Smedberg will run for reelection. The Republican primary will be held the same day as the Democratic primary on June 12.