Letter to the Editor: Join us in opposing white nationalism

Christ Church is a longtime fixture in Old Town, dating back to 1773 (Photo Credit: Alexa Epitropoulos)

To the editor:

I am an Alexandrian who opposes white nationalism. As such, I protest with Christ Church and Grassroots Alexandria on the second and fourth Sundays each month. I am concerned that yet another monument glorifying the pro-slavery Civil War is being erected in Richmond. The statue, “The Angel of the Lost Cause,” promotes the myth that the Civil War was about something other than slavery. The statue is one of 12 women in a planned monument to Virginia women.

As Alexandria Times readers are well aware, the South was blanketed with Civil War monuments 100 years ago to remind African-Americans to obey Jim Crow laws. These monuments, like the “whites only” signs that accompanied them, belong only in museums or educational displays. Imagine if we not only left “whites only” signs in place — we wouldn’t want to erase history — but started adding new ones. Because of this history, Richard Spencer and his white supremacist, neo-Nazi supporters rally around these monuments.

The myth that the Civil War was a noble lost cause, instead of a war to preserve slavery, is one of the biggest erasures of history ever. Alexandrians are working to share this history. We are working to expose, and oppose, the neo-Nazi agenda. You can help. Please protest with us on the second and fourth Sunday each month, at 12:30 p.m., at King and Patrick streets.

Please write to Governor Ralph Northam: remove the monuments. Please speak up, as often as possible. Alexandrians, all Alexandrians, are invited to show Richard Spencer that his continued presence in Old Town serves only to build opposition to his toxic, anti-democracy agenda.

-Jonathan Krall, Alexandria



  1. So please correct me if my thinking is
    So when one wants to “oppose ” and
    Idea, does this not indicate that
    Person or people are intolerant of that
    Idea they are opposing? OK call me
    Aren’t these the people who loudly and
    Often squawk that they are the moral
    Vanguard of tolerance and inclusion?
    They are just like the totalitarians they
    Oppose. Except those they oppose are
    Honest in their intolerance and
    Exclusionary views. Leaving the left and
    Main stream right looking intellectually
    Dishonest and disingenuous!