Demolition begins at Old Dominion Boat Club

The former Old Dominion Boat Club site was demolished Tuesday, March 13 (Photo Credit: Denise Dunbar)

Demolition began on the longtime home of the Old Dominion Boat Club on Alexandria’s waterfront Tuesday, following the opening of the new club to members in January and years of back-and-forth between the club and city leadership.

The former Old Dominion Boat Club was built in 1924. After years of debate between the city and the club, a deal was reached to trade property in 2014, leaving the city with the land the club long occupied at 1 and 2 King St. and the club with the property at the foot of Prince Street. Construction on the new club started in 2016 and was completed late last year. 

The city will construct a waterfront park, called Fitzgerald Square, at the site, which it will break ground on this Saturday at 8 a.m. Though the ultimate uses at the park is still being considered, the city will install a temporary park for public use in the interim.