Letter to the Editor: City council needs creativity – and an architect

Letter to the Editor: City council needs creativity – and an architect
Chris Hubbard (Courtesy photo)

To the editor:

Public approvals need to have city government integrity behind them, otherwise

we have a breach in the public trust and how can we go forward? We potentially have a “taxation without representation” situation if the city can willfully undermine public approvals by whatever loophole.

On the other hand, it seems reasonable to have lights on a stadium to play games at night. This is where expertise could come in by let’s say a professional architect or engineer on the council – something I, as a professional architect, could provide.

Another proposal besides the two-school proposal might be to present another option to those of the neighborhood who oppose the lights: Use dark sky compliant lights to illuminate just the field, not even the bleachers. Lights all around the field at a height just below the top seat level of the stadium. That is, the top of the light is solid and blocks upward light.

The side of the light next to the seats blocks all light except for light going straight down. And the side facing the field only allows light to illuminate the field.

There would be some light reflected off the field but only an extremely small amount compared to the typical stadium lighting scheme, and this would lightly light the seating.

If the neighbors reject this alternative then the city should have the moral integrity to back a public approval and not go forward with the typical stadium lighting at T.C. Williams which, by the way, ideally, should be dark sky compliant anyway, as a best practice.

And a comment to Councilor Willie Bailey: let’s try some creativity/ingenuity when it comes to affordable housing, rather than just raising taxes. Let’s try market rate affordable mixed income housing as I have

been suggesting to developers in their projects as well – market rate is innovation and mixed income housing is a best practice. I would be happy to work with you on finding other funding streams for affordable housing and other affordable housing sources.

-Chris Hubbard, candidate, Alexandria City Council