Letter to the Editor: AntiFa initiated Charlottesville violence

Letter to the Editor: AntiFa initiated Charlottesville violence
Jackson Landers attended a screening of the documentary he co-produced with Brian Wimer, "Charlottesville: Our Streets," at the Beatley Library Sunday. The film uses never-before-seen footage from citizen journalists from the events of August 2017 (Screenshot from "Charlottesville: Our Streets")

To the editor:

Jordan Wright’s review of the Charlottesville documentary, “Documenting the Streets of Charlottesville,” in the April 12 Alexandria Times, reveals how little the author understands who organized the march and why.

The rally was organized by young white nationalists –“white supremacist” is altogether different – to include the Alt-Lite and average folk, all of whom shared the need to stand up to the ever increasing anti-intellectualism of progressives who desire to efface history in the manner of the Taliban.

The only “neo-nazis” and “klansmen” in attendance were members of the extreme-Left AntiFa dressed up to provide photo ops to incurious and gullible journalists. The initiation of violence by the AntiFa during a peaceful rally was not unexpected as they are already responsible for many millions of dollars of property damage on college campuses over the past few years in protests against the presentation of contrary views.

The true culprits in the debacle were the feckless city and police officials who permitted the violence to occur.

-Francois Krodel, Alexandria