Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Councilor Bailey

Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Councilor Bailey
Willie Bailey

To the editor:

Although the City of Alexandria was founded in 1749, its history, heritage and communities were built on the hands, backs and feet of our seniors, teachers and public sector workforce who were born in 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately, these individuals no longer have a strong voice, the drive, the energy or determination to defend what they have cultivated, nurtured, fought for and are rightfully entitled to.

These dedicated and loyal citizens deserve to enjoy and live out the rest of their lives in the City of Alexandria, a place they adore, respect and love. “Affordable Housing, Optimal tax rate, Quality of life and Infrastructure modernization” are challenges that must be addressed.

Alexandria pioneers, seniors, teachers and public sector workforce of this city have laid the foundation for community development, economy growth and prosperity.

These individuals are being squeezed out of their homes and communities due to lack of public and civic representation and or responsibilities. Although these individuals understand economy growth and opportunities, there are always unintended consequences of gentrification that must be taken into account.

The life standing (pioneers, seniors, teachers, and public sector workforce) members of Alexandria have been pillars of the community for more than 60 years and it’s criminal that they are being pushed aside or overlooked due to political insensitivity. It’s time the City of Alexandria voted for a member of its own community that has served honorably for his country and has been a pillar in the City of Alexandria as a community leader and a firefighter for the past 20 plus years fighting for Alexandria communities common causes.

Councilman Willie F. Bailey is the servant leader that we demand and deserve to represent those who can’t represent themselves. He has been on the forefront advocating for his constituents’ affordable housing, respectful compensation for our emergency responders and adequate funding for public schools that includes proper compensation for our teachers and support for critical infrastructure i.e., water, roads, electric and sewage funding.

He deserves and has earned the right for a second term to represent you — his constituents. As a native Alexandrian he is committed, understands, supports and is sensitive to the needs of your family and you as his constituents.

-Ethan A. Jones and Mike Howard, Alexandria