Letter to the editor: Hardwick stands out in council field

Letter to the editor: Hardwick stands out in council field
Dak Hardwick (Courtesy Photo)

To the editor:

This year’s Alexandria City Council race is quite crowded, with 12 candidates throwing their hats in the ring on the Democratic side alone. One of the upsides of such a crowded field is that you can get true diversity of experience, thought and multiple points of view.

It’s also a great way to see who really stands out. And while we’re still more than two months out from the June 12 primary, one of the candidates really stands out to me: Dak Hardwick. His experience, knowledge of the city and passion for making Alexandria a prosperous city for all is what we need in our elected leaders.

Dak recently rolled out his “Empower Alexandria Plan.” The plan outlines a broad approach to serving the needs of all our residents, recognizing that our city is a system of multiple needs and interests to balance and understanding you have to pull multiple levers to make everything work. Dak’s Empower Alexandria Plan recognizes that tomorrow is now and we have no time to waste in making progress in critical areas, such as education, housing, public safety compensation and civic innovation. Dak’s Empower Alexandria Plan is not just about addressing one issue, it’s about looking at how several important issues are interrelated and how we have to develop coalitions across Alexandria to bring the change we need.

Dak’s Empower Alexandria Plan articulates more plainly than any other candidate what he stands for, why we should vote for him and what we can hold him accountable for should he win. As you’re examining the candidates and determining who will earn your vote, I highly recommend you take a look at Dak’s plan, and support his vision in this year’s city council election.

– Matt Gaston