Alexandria Chamber announces Valor Awards honorees

Alexandria Chamber announces Valor Awards honorees
The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce's 2017 Valor Awards (File photo)

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce has announced the honorees for its annual Valor Awards.

The three Alexandria Police Department officers who were among the first on the scene to the June shooting at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park – Nicole Battaglia, Alexander Jensen and Kevin Jobe – are three of the 62 honorees that will be recognized at the Chamber’s April 19 event. Battaglia, Jensen and Jobe will receive gold awards. Officer Suzanne Watts will receive the silver medal.

Other awardees are listed below.

Bronze medal recipients include: 

  • Sergeant Daniel Gordon
  • Sergeant Gregory Holden
  • Officer Reid Hudson
  • Officer Bryson Norris
  • Officer Douglass Serven II
  • Officer Anthony Larusso
  • Detective Keith Burkholder
  • Lieutenant Matt Weinert
  • K9 Officer Carlos Rolon
  • Officer Richard Sandoval
  • Officer Michael Izzi
  • Officer Michael Matteson
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Joseph Zarkauskas
  • Fire Captain Anthony Casalena
  • Firefighter Tyler Degenhardt
  • Firefighter Christopher Smith
  • Firefighter/Medic Richard Krimmer
  • Firefighter Luis Vasquez
  • Firefighter Caleb Hann
  • Firefighter Christopher Yashin
  • Medic Fiona Apple
  • Medic Chad Shade

Life Saving Award recipients include:

  • Medic Remi Howell
  • Medic Brett Buehler
  • Firefighter Karl Kappelman
  • Captain Chad Lallier
  • Firefighter Kristina Holt
  • Firefighter Matthew Quante
  • Firefighter Kenny Salfelder
  • Lieutenant Donald Scott
  • Sergeant Jeff Stovall
  • Officer Joel Hughes
  • Officer Raymond Golden
  • Officer Robert Honaker
  • Firefighter Jason Sharpe
  • Firefighter Arash Hematti
  • Firefighter Daryoush Hematti
  • Firefighter Travis Daniels
  • Firefighter Joseph Porcelli
  • Captain Joseph Beavan
  • Firefighter Ashley Whisonant
  • Firefighter Eric Vafier
  • Deputy Sheriff Myrna Juarez
  • Deputy Brian Wade
  • Deputy Gerald Wooden
  • Officer Jamie Gernatt
  • Officer Joseph Winkeler
  • Officer Benjamin Berlin
  • Officer David Daniels
  • Officer Timothy Larson
  • Officer Angel Semidey

Certificate of Valor honorees include:

  • Officer Daniel Caniff
  • Officer Constance Kniesler
  • Officer Westrick McIlvain
  • Officer Steven Moffa
  • Officer John Brattelli
  • Officer David Daniels
  • Officer Chuck Young
  • Lieutenant Ed Milner

The 2018 Public Safety & Valor Awards will be held between 8 and 10 a.m. on April 19 at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town.