Letter to the Editor: Mourning the loss of Charles Krauthammer


To the editor:

As a longtime city activist and candidate for public office on multiple occasions, I rarely comment publicly on national issues, or on those who comment in the national political arena. However, with the passing of Charles Krauthammer, I feel obligated to comment as to what a great loss to our country and to me his passing brings.

Every Friday, I looked forward to reading his incisive editorial comments inside the Washington Post; it was generally the highlight of my day. Likewise, I also looked forward every evening to watching FOX News, since Krauthammer gave his great insights regarding the many problems facing our country.

Krauthammer was a superb pragmatist as he shunned all political labels in identifying problems, for which he then presented very logical, cogent and coherent solutions. Even those who were of a liberal mindset respected the man and the clarity of his viewpoints.

If I had been the president, I would have had a special office right outside of the Oval Office where I could “war game” every national and international problem with him, knowing full well that a viable and sensible solution would emanate from these discussions.

I only had one encounter with Krauthammer, that being on a flight to Miami several years ago. As my wife Julie and I were boarding the aircraft, Julie stopped when entering the aircraft cabin and said, “Sir, it is so good to see you.” I could not see the individual she was conversing with, but I heard Krauthammer’s reply, which was, “It is so good to see you too.” At that point, I greeted him also and sat across the aisle from him. Once again, he managed to make my day. This was no doubt one of the truly great highlights of my life. Rest in Peace, Mr. Krauthammer.

-Townsend A, “Van” Van Fleet, Alexandria