Letter to the Editor: Silberberg translates what she hears to action

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg high fives Rick Garcia, owner of 123 S. Pitt St. townhouse.

To the editor:

Alexandria is a trendy little southern city, an “in” place to live, with a growing population, a brisk business community, a smart social scene and a place where public officials are seen everywhere and make an effort to know the residents. Into this we have Mayor Allison Silberberg, who listens to the residents. Then she translates what she hears into action.

Her efforts on city council to make Alexandria the place where people continue to want to live have been valiant. Her push for quality education, fiscal growth and responsibility and even the details that others want to omit are more than worthy of re-electing her as our mayor for another term. I am happy to endorse her.

-Lillian Stanton Patterson,