Letter to the Editor: Two Comments on the July 5 Times


To the Editor:

In the “Our View” editorial in the July 5 Alexandria Times, “Pondering patriotism,” you used some of Woody Guthrie’s song “This is your land” as an example of one of our most beautiful songs. When Guthrie first performed this song, many politicians were upset because they claimed it proved that he was a Communist. I agree with you and feel that if we ever decide that we need a new National Anthem that this would be best song to use. Plus it is much easier to sing.

Second, in Lee Ann Gardner’s letter, “Reject hate and incivility toward everyone,” she used the term “illegal immigrants” to describe the people who have been treated so barbarically. These people are legally asking for permission to enter our country. They are trying to escape the problems that they face in their native countries by presenting themselves to officials at the border. Illegal immigrants are those that try to sneak in under the cover of night and not at a regular border crossing.

-George Bogart, Alexandria