Historic ship dismantled at Robinson Landing site

Historic ship dismantled at Robinson Landing site
Thunderbird Archaeology and the city's archaeology officials removed one of the 18th-century ships found at the Robinson Landing site last week (Photo Credit: EYA, LLC)

By Alexa Epitropoulos | aepitropoulos@alextimes.com

Archaeologists have dismantled and removed one of the 18th-century ships discovered in March at the Robinson Landing site, developer EYA announced June 27.

Thunderbird Archaeology, an archaeological firm contracted by EYA, and City of Alexandria staff oversaw the dismantling and removal. Archaeologists completed removing the ship’s timbers in layered sections last week. Photos were taken throughout the process.

Archaeologists estimate the ship dates back to the mid-1700s and believe the ship sailed for decades before it was dismantled and used to create new land on the waterfront in the late 1700s. It’s one of three found at the site this year.

EYA donated the ship to the city. Archaeologists will now study and document construction details and attempt to date the wood, according to EYA. It’s not clear what the plans are for the other two ships discovered at the site at this point.

EYA said in the release that construction remains on schedule for Robinson Landing, a residential development with 70 condo units and 26 townhouses. The first townhouses are scheduled for completion in fall 2018.