Letter to the Editor: Only dire circumstances justify promise-breaking

T.C. Williams High School (File Photo)

To the editor:

I write in strong support of your editorial of Aug. 16, “Our View: Serial promise-breaking erodes trust.” If we cannot trust that promises made by the city government will be kept, and broken only due to a clear and unambiguous danger to public health or safety, where does that leave us? We are all then potentially vulnerable to faithlessness on the part of our city government.

In particular, I am concerned about the proposal to install lights on the T. C. Williams playing fields. I am familiar with the history of the establishment of the community to be adversely affected, and it is indeed inhabited by, as you say, “previously mistreated residents.” All the more reason, if such were needed, that the promise not to install lights should be kept.

One can only wonder what the reaction to such a broken promise would be if those advocating the installation of lights were, instead, residents of the affected area. I strongly suspect that the NIMBY brigade would be out in full force.

– Charles Ziegler, Alexandria