City switches its mobile pay app

City switches its mobile pay app
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The city is switching its mobile pay app from Pango to ParkMobile as of Sept. 1, the city announced Thursday in a news release.

The ParkMobile app, which is used across the region in D.C., Arlington, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, is free to download. 

The $1.75 per hour rate won’t change, and ParkMobile will charge of convenience fee of 45 cents. The city isn’t paying ParkMobile for the service, and doesn’t receive a portion of the convenience fee.

After downloading the app and creating an account, the customer can use the app each time they park by choosing the zone number that’s printed on parking signs and pay stations in the area. The app will show zone numbers on a map and suggest closest zones.

Customers will also be able to stop the parking session before their selected amount of time expires and pay only for the amount of time they were parked, a feature available only in Alexandria and Montgomery County, according to the release. 

Payment for parking can still be made at pay stations or parking meters. Pango will no longer be available in the city after Aug. 31.