Alexandria ZIP code named a top trending millennial area

Old Town's 22314 ZIP code is one of the top ZIP codes in Virginia for millennials (Photo by Aleksandra Kochurova)

Alexandria’s 22314 ZIP code, which extends from Old Town’s southern edge to Potomac Yard, is the second biggest “trending” millennial ZIP code, according to RentCafe.

The 22314 ZIP code’s millennial population increased by 26.5 percent over the last five years, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics as compiled by RentCafe.

It was second only to Richmond’s 23230 ZIP code in the Scott’s Addition area, which grew by 43.4 percent over the last five years.

Arlington’s 22202 ZIP code was the third trending ZIP code, followed by Alexandria’s 22303, 22314, 22306, 22310, 22302 and 22305 ZIP codes. Rounding out the top 10 was Richmond’s 23226 ZIP code. 

The top trending ZIP codes nationally were Los Angeles’ 90014 and 90013, Manhattan’s 10282, Portland’s 97232, Manhattan’s 10069 and Jacksonville, Florida’s 32204.