Letter to the Editor: Keeping commitments

Parker-Gray Stadium at T.C. Williams High School has no lights, no bathrooms, worn out turf, a track that doesn't meet regulations and an outdated press box, score board and concession stand. (Photo: Missy Schrott)

To the editor:

After hearing the background of the existing neighborhood, construction of T.C. Williams and the agreement that was made in 1965, it seemed apparent that Alexandria would need to find an alternative to the desire for a lighted field. Yet, here we are involved in another lawsuit. Previous elected officials made a promise to an entire neighborhood – without any expiration.

Fast forward 53 years, why would current elected officials feel they could break that commitment? We live in a city that has made many regrettable mistakes, such as deferring raw sewage overflow controls or building gas stations on top of a cemetery, but it’s time to start doing the right thing and stand by our commitments. Our city is filled with very intelligent residents. It’s difficult to believe that this issue isn’t something we can resolve and show the nation that we are exceptional at working together to find innovative solutions.

Steam rolling over an entire neighborhood is not extraordinary. Forcing them to fight for their rights with a legal team is shameful. We need city council to represent all residents fairly, just as we all abide by laws and pay taxes. Don’t just put up little green signs to turn us against one another. What kind of lesson are we teaching the next generation about promises? Be better, be innovative, be extraordinary for Alexandria.

-Mellenie Runion, Alexandria