Letter to the Editor: Whither civic justice in Alexandria?

Letter to the Editor: Whither civic justice in Alexandria?
Stadium lights at Witter Recreational Fields off of Duke Street. (Photo Credit: Missy Schrott)

To the editor:

What an exceptional tour de force of meaningful, in-depth reporting the Alexandria Times, Denise Dunbar and Missy Schrott have given us this week with regard to Alexandria’s reprehensible treatment of African American residents – deja vu all over again – at Seminary Hill and its breezily broken promises to the community of people who expect the city to honor its stated promise of no stadium lights at T.C. Williams High School. This is the condition upon which said community relocated their homes. Assuredly, you won’t find this reporting anywhere else in the media – at least not at this level or quality.

Also on-the-mark is Townsend Van Fleet’s letter to the editor to the same. Not surprisingly, the planning commission has again distinguished itself as one of the chief apologists and agents for council’s unsavory schemes. Dressing this up as “doing what’s best for Alexandria’s youth and community” further adds insult to injury.

Because there is no ombudsman or impartial oversight in Alexandria, hopes for bringing civic and environmental justice to bear are thus left to the circuit court. Currently, the city’s stiff-arm tactics and backroom deals are being tested by costly litigation from residents perpetually burned by the city, such as those impacted by the Karig Estates and stadium lights decisions.

Hard-earned money is being drained from plaintiffs’ pockets, while the city is also spending many hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars annually to combat its residents. The chief culprits are city council, except Mayor Allison Silberberg, and certain city staff. I would think residents have likely reached a threshold at this point for Democrats this November to write in Silberberg for mayor and to vote across party lines for anyone palatable – but not for any of the current council, including Vice Mayor Justin Wilson.

-C. Dara, Alexandria