City kicks off replanning effort for Landmark Mall


After years of stop-and-start planning for Landmark Mall’s redevelopment, the city is kicking off a re-planning effort with several community meetings.

The first meeting will take place on Nov. 14 in the Cameron Station Great Room at 200 Cameron Station Blvd. A community open house is planned for Dec. 12 at Brandywine Living, followed by a community workshop on Jan. 26. Another community meeting is set for Feb. 27.

The Landmark Mall re-planning effort is intended to build upon the 2009 Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan, which re-imagines Landmark Mall as a mixed-use development with transit and community open spaces.

The new community engagement process aims to gather information about desired new uses, flexibility of uses and how to incorporate traffic safety and multimodal transportation, according to a city news release.

More information about Landmark Mall and its redevelopment effort can be
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  1. This is so absurd. How many years, and at what cost, do Alexandria’s master planners need in order to come up with a viable, affordable goal that meets market needs? Why not simply let developers submit creative proposals (that would likely include a mix of housing, office, and retail with projected traffic implications to accomodate area needs) and go from there? In other words, take the master planning out of the hands of politicians and bureaucrats and let the private market determine what happens on that site. I know it’s a radical idea for a place like Alexandria, but the city has had nearly a decade – a decade! – pontificating on this and what do we haveto show for it? Time for a different way of thinking…