Letter to the Editor: Bennett-Parker for city council

Letter to the Editor: Bennett-Parker for city council
Delegate Elizabeth Bennett-Parker. (Courtesy Photo)

To the editor:

I am a proud Alexandrian who lives on the West End, but I work three jobs to afford to live here – and I am not alone.

There are individuals and families struggling to make it in Alexandria. For those of us who live on the West End, city hall often seems too far away to help solve our problems.

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker, an Alexandria City Council candidate, makes city hall seem closer to Alexandrians who are looking for solutions. She helps lead Together We Bake, a job-training program for women in need. Like so many others in Alexandria, the women Together We Bake serves need affordable housing, stable employment and a high-quality education for their children.

Bennett-Parker is running for city council to build on her work creating opportunities for women in need to create opportunities for Alexandrians like me. She wants to allow more citizens to be heard, with city council field hearings throughout Alexandria and child care services during council meetings. She believes city council should do more to provide affordable housing for first responders, teachers and low-income families.

Bennett-Parker also wants to spark small business growth and attract new businesses to areas like the West End, which will ensure more revenues for Alexandria’s biggest needs – from schools to transportation. She will be a fresh, innovative voice on Alexandria City Council who will work to find solutions and improve lives.

– Meg Czaikoski, Alexandria