Letter to the Editor: I Support Marc Solomon for School Board

Letter to the Editor: I Support Marc Solomon for School Board
A map of the three ACPS school districts. (Photo: ACPS)

To the editor:

Alexandria City Public Schools are at a crossroads, and I am looking for a candidate who has demonstrated a commitment to our city and offers a fresh, new perspective on how we can improve our schools. That candidate in District A is Marc Solomon.

I reached out to Solomon early in his campaign because I wanted to lend my support to a candidate that has the vision to make sure every school in Alexandria is world-class. As an advocate for health and wellness in the city, I was excited that he was not just open to hearing my thoughts, but eager to learn about all the issues that Alexandria’s children face.

Solomon and his wife Mackenzie have a young son and another on the way. They live in Parker-Gray and their sons will both be attending Jefferson-Houston.

Solomon is active in his son’s education, serving as president of the Hopkins House Helen Day parent’s council. If elected, he would be the first Syrian-American to hold office in Alexandria.

Solomon grew up in Buffalo, New York and graduated from Cornell University and then received a Master’s in National Security from Georgetown University. He spent seven years in security and threat analysis at the Department of State before moving to the private sector, where he helps companies defend against gun violence. As a security expert, Solomon knows how to secure our schools without bad ideas like arming our teachers.

We are fortunate to have so many talented education experts on our school board. In today’s environment, I think it’s essential we also have a security expert that has great ideas on how to improve our schools. I’ll be voting for Marc Solomon in District A, and I urge you to as well.

-Diana Karczmarczyk, PhD, MPH, MCHES, Alexandria