Letter to the Editor: Manifest function and latent dysfunction

Stadium lights at Witter Recreational Fields off of Duke Street. (Photo Credit: Missy Schrott)

To the editor:

I believe with every decision and action we should think of what we are doing and how it might affect others. In this case, the intent is to upgrade the stadium at T.C. Williams High School, a renovation that has been long overdue. This renovation can now allow the school to play football games at night as before it could only do so during the day.

Unfortunately, with this vote, it is unintentionally dividing the community. Residents in the community say it would be another injustice the city has inflicted on their historically black neighborhood. Not only have their ancestors who had once lived on the land where T.C. Williams now sits been forced to move, but now, the residents will lose property value due to the new stadium lights.

-Spencer Wigodsky, Alexandria