Your Views: Metro just lost one rider

Your Views: Metro just lost one rider

To the editor:

On Sunday, all Metro stations below National Airport were closed. We were told it was a preview of what it will be like this summer. Our trip into D.C. was uneventful. Coming home was another matter.

We got to the airport and stood in front of the shuttle bus to go to King Street. At least 30 people were standing outside in the rain while the driver and another Metro employee were inside talking. Finally, the driver let us inside. When the bus was full, she stepped out of the bus for a cigarette.

We were all amazed at her lack of professionalism. When she came back on the bus, she said she didn’t know the route and “got lost getting there.” She said she was going to wait until the shuttle bus behind us was loaded so she could follow them. She didn’t want to get lost again.

We finally left the station and the whole way she just kept ranting and raving about how “sometimes you just need to call out;” she said she “needed a mental health day;” she thought she would “just be driving in circles in a parking lot;” she “didn’t know where she was going and it really wasn’t safe.” She finally said she would be taking a mental health day tomorrow to get over today.

She was just talking out loud and ranting. It was really scary. I should have gotten off and taken an Uber. If this is what we have to look forward to, I’m done with Metro.

-Phyllis Sciacca, Alexandria