Your Views: Please do the right thing and extend parking protection

The residential parking permit program uses a resident-initiated method to create new parking districts on a block by block basis. (File photo)

To the editor:

I live on a block with the pay-by-phone parking pilot program in Old Town. The quality of our lives has improved exponentially since this program was introduced. That is why I have been dismayed that a small vocal group of people who do not live in the historic section oppose it. For years, parking has been frustrating for those of us who own homes without driveways or garages in Old Town. The program has helped alleviate some of this without going as far as resident-only parking in the evenings and weekends that some other historic port cities enjoy.

Now, we learn the plans have changed for Robinson Terminal that sits at the bottom of my street. There will be more restaurants and that means more parking problems for our area. I am all for having new restaurants, but I pray city council will do the right thing and approve our parking program. Even with it, under these new circumstances, I fear we are once again looking at hours of circling blocks and parking miles away from our homes.

-T. Danitz, Alexandria