Your Views: Proposed slaughterhouse is horrific

Your Views: Proposed slaughterhouse is horrific
(Photo Credit: City of Alexandria)

To the editor:

I was horrified to recently learn that a permit has been submitted for a slaughterhouse in Old Town.

Having lived in Old Town for many years, I have always been impressed with the animal friendly environment and compassion for animals that is prevalent throughout the area. You can’t walk a block in the city without seeing happy dogs, dog water bowls and biscuits being given out.

But the possibility of having families with children witness truckloads of animals being transported for slaughter is troubling. The animals will be killed while in the store – very disturbing. Do our local grocery stores do this? Of course not. Cities throughout the United States are implementing more animal-friendly laws, and encouraging a plant-based diet and Meatless Mondays in schools to teach children how to learn healthier eating habits.

Old Town has had a disgusting history of slave auctions, and this is the same brutality. We need to move forward and demonstrate our commitment to a kinder community – not bring the slaughter of animals into our neighborhoods. We are better than that.

-Gina Lynch, Alexandria