What is Spring2ACTion?

What is Spring2ACTion?
Brandi Yee (Courtesy Photo)

By Brandi Yee

Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s annual giving day, takes place April 10. Hosted by ACT for Alexandria, Spring2ACTion is Alexandria’s biggest fundraising event. Since its inception in 2011, the event has raised more than $8 million, making it one of the most successful city-wide giving days in the country. This year, April 10 is the day Alexandrians come together to give and spread generosity in our community.

In its first year, Spring2ACTion raised $104,156 for 47 nonprofits. Last year, 9,438 donors raised $ 1,812,851 for 156 of Alexandria’s nonprofits. ACT’s goal this year is for 10,000 donors to raise $2 million for the 160 organizations helping to make Alexandria a strong, vibrant community for all.

Who can participate?

Everyone can give. The power of this day is people. This day is made possible because of people going online and supporting a cause that means something to them. Anyone can donate to Spring2ACTion nonprofits, regardless of where they live. The minimum donation is $5, but whether you give $10, $100 or $1,000, when everyone gives together, it is powerful.

Why should I give?

This is the day to celebrate and support the nonprofits in Alexandria that make our city a better place for everyone to live. Plus, your gift could be matched and help your favorite nonprofit win a prize. If you’re new to giving, this is a great opportunity to find an organization to support.

To whom should I give?

Your favorite nonprofit. Visit www.Spring2ACTion.org for a list of participating organizations. You can also “Give to a Cause.” The options include animals, arts and culture, education, health and wellness, homelessness and housing, poverty and hunger, seniors, social justice and youth.

Where do I give?

Online at www.Spring2ACTion.org – you can give through your computer or your phone. In addition, ACT believes giving is social and encourages you to attend one of the many Spring2ACTion events happening all over Alexandria.

When should I give?

Wednesday, April 10, is the 2019 Spring2ACTion day. While the official day for this online giving extravaganza is April 10, early giving started on March 27. It’s kind of like early voting, but much more fun because you can give early and often.

This day is about people. Alexandria is coming together to ensure this community is strong and thriving for all. For more information, visit www.Spring2ACTion.org or contact Brandi Yee at brandi.yee@actforalexandria.org.

The writer is chief program officer at ACT for Alexandria.