Your Views: Don’t shrink Seminary

The intersection where Seminary Road meets I-395. (Photo: Missy Schrott)

To the editor:

The Alexandria City Council is set to vote in mid-September to reduce the number of automobile lanes on Seminary Road while simultaneously creating bicycle lanes similar to what they have done on King Street. Mayor Justin Wilson is vigorously leading the charge in favor of this dubious proposal, despite the concerns and objections of most of the civic associations within Seminary Road geographic area.

One of the main concerns is that several of those associations contend that the accident data compiled by the city staff is just not accurate. However, even more importantly, altering Seminary Road could be a life or death situation, as ambulances use Seminary Road to access INOVA Alexandria Hospital. Why would such an action be even entertained? It is time for city council to look out for the common good, rather than to succumb to the needs of a few.

-Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet, Alexandria



  1. I support the views of the writer — Do not shrink Seminary Road. One of the nice things about the Alex/Arlington area is that there are a number of 4-lane “boulevards” that make it easy to get around in a car. These are George Mason Drive, Van Dorn Street, Duke Street, Quaker Lane, Seminary Road, etc. Reducing the lanes on these arteries will just make drivers more agitated and cause more stress to everybody! And I say this even though I like to bike around the area! But I also like to drive, and want to stress that the LAST thing we need in this region is to reduce the number of lanes on our roads. Thanks!