Your Views: Call.Click.Connect system works

Your Views: Call.Click.Connect system works

To the editor:

I need to thank city staff for listening and hearing my requests for improved safety on Seminary Road between N. Howard Street and Kenmore Avenue.

Action has been taken on a number of my requests. Some of my requests await action, but I know they have been received and are being evaluated for appropriate response.

My list of requests, placed over a period of time, with results are below:

· Sidewalk needed to replace ‘cow path’ on N. Van Dorn Street between Kenmore Avenue and W. Braddock Road – completed;

· Removal of mislocated island in front of Hammond Middle School – completed;

· Widening of the sidewalk on Seminary Road east of the fire station to provide space for pedestrians to walk past the obstructions in the sidewalk – completed;

· Corner concrete work at N. Jordan Street and Seminary Road to improve safety for pe- destrians – completed;

· Removal of wrongly placed TransUrban toll sign at the fire station on Semi- nary Road – completed;

· Placement of a center median 25 mph sign at Kenmore Avenue and Seminary Road to alert drivers coming from the west over the I-395 overpass of the 25 mph speed limit on Seminary Road – completed;

· Improved timing of pedestrian signals at Library Lane and N. Jordan Street – completed;

· Need for repair of the damaged steps to the Burke Library on Library Lane – scheduled for October 2019;

· Change of school speed zone from 25 mph to 15 mph at Hammond Middle School – in discussion;

· Lane indicator sign at Seminary Road and N. Jordan repositioned from behind a tree for better visibility – completed;

· Tree on Seminary Road west of N. Ivanhoe Street trimmed for pedestrian access – completed;

· One speed meter sign in each direction on Seminary Road between N. Howard and N. Pickett streets – requested;

· Improved eastbound traffic flow/pedes- trian crossing between I-395 and Library Lane – VDOT contacted – major project.

All of these requests were submitted through the Call.Click.Connect feature on the city’s website and most were acted on in a timely manner. I also realize that I need to be reasonable in my response-time expectation.

Obviously, city staff listened to and heeded my requests. I thank them for their efforts in responding. They did a great job.

-Carolyn Griglione, Alexandria