Our View: Congratulations to St. Mary School

Bishop Peter Ireton lays a cornerstone at the current Saint Mary school at 400 Green St. The new school opened to students in 1950. (Courtesy Photo)

It’s easy to take a local fixture like the Basilica School of St. Mary for granted. After all, when something’s been around for 150 years, no one alive remembers a time when it wasn’t there.

From a two-room schoolhouse at the corner of Royal and Wolfe streets in 1869, to a pre-K through eighth grade facility educating 719 students in 2019, St. Mary has grown along with the city it serves.

It has provided many generations of Alexandrians, often within individual families, with high-quality Catholic educations. And as former St. Mary administrators and students state in the story, “Saint Mary School celebrates 150 years,” on page 1 of this week’s Alexandria Times, the school has remained true to the values on which it was founded.

Congratulations to current and former St. Mary students and parents as you celebrate this weekend – and thank you to the Basilica School of St. Mary for being such an important part of Alexandria’s fabric for so long.