Your Views: Open space instead of trees

Your Views: Open space instead of trees
(Photo/Aleksandra Kochurova)

To the editor:

Trees, trees and more trees. From here on out, how about just replacing those that did not make it through the lack of rain this summer and fall for the next couple of years? Some of us enjoy the open spaces and do not want what happened with Tarelton Park. Also, if the goal was not just to update the playground, but also move it to a more open spot, it’s self-defeating if you surround it with trees.

So, what then? Adding some additional benches along the park trail or park road as the city staff treats it. Another thought, adding some picnic tables near the playground.

With the recent addition of the wetlands adjacent to the Permanent Wildlife Refuge, how about some viewing platforms for the birders and nature photographers – or a fishing platform. Create a viewing area somewhere along the wetlands and where the reeds are in the marsh.

Trees are nice, but, again, some park users like open areas beyond where the athletic fields are.

Just a few thoughts.

-Ruben “Bill” Duran, Alexandria