T.C. Williams Signing Day comes early

From left to right: Luke Wilson, Robert Longerbeam, Madeline Toaso and Shane Tucker. (Photo/On the Hunt Photography)

By Missy Schrott | [email protected]

An early signing day event took place at T.C. Williams High School last month.

Titans Luke Wilson, Robert Longerbeam, Madeline Toaso and Shane Tucker celebrated years of hard work by formally committing to colleges for their individual sports.

Longerbeam, the varsity football quarterback who, this season, lead the Titans to their first playoff win in almost 30 years, signed on to play football at Rutgers University.

Another critical Titans football player, offensive lineman Wilson, signed on to play at the University of Rochester.

Toaso, a star rower for both the T.C. rowing team and the Old Dominion Boat Club, signed to Oregon State University.

Tucker, a T.C. Williams varsity baseball pitcher, signed to New York Institute of Technology.

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