Your Views: Driving on the new Seminary Road is a pleasure

Your Views: Driving on the new Seminary Road is a pleasure

To the editor:

Regarding the recent changes to Seminary Road, I would like to thank the city’s leadership for providing us more than just crosswalks and bike lanes, but a road that leads to safer and less stressful outcomes for everyone who uses it.

Over the last year I followed the many public hearings and discussions to change Seminary Road. But I was quite surprised when I used it. Traveling westbound from Quaker Lane going up the hill toward the Seminary was quick and efficient even while traveling behind a bus.

We moved at the posted 25 mph speed limit with no issues. What a pleasure it was to see other drivers also travelling within the speed limit. Driving on the new layout gave me a sense of calm, as I no longer need to contend with cars speeding or making last minute lane changes. Seminary is now nice and easy.

Having travelled widely and experienced some of the best practices in traffic and pedestrian management, particularly in the Netherlands and Germany, I am pleased to see they are used here to good effect in our world class city. The well-thought-out design left ample room for large vehicles and fosters the safety that our environmentally attuned and health conscious citizens have long sought – safe streets, sidewalks and attention to speed limits – all in a heavily congested region and city.

Today, many of our citizens are eschewing cars for other modes of transportation: walking, biking, even scooters. And if we want to reduce congestion and foster safety, we must consider their needs as well.

I hope that this route can be an example to neighboring jurisdictions of what happens when there is thoughtful design and discourse among residents toward a mutually beneficial end.

-Rudolfo Rojas, Alexandria