Your Views: We should capitalize on our history

(Photo Credit: Aleksandra Kochurova)

To the editor:

The Alexandria Times editorial, “Double down on our strengths,” in your Jan. 30 paper provides actionable information, based on the demographics of the tourists currently drawn to Old Town and its history, to enhance Alexandria’s attractiveness to visitors. I’ve always wondered why Alexandria did not fully capitalize on its past by enticing visitors with themed weekend events of museum programs, tours and lectures – interspersed with food, shopping and other activities. In short, promoting a more comprehensive approach to history, instead of presenting individual events here and there.

Weekend packages could include the herstory of Alexandria women during colonial, suffragette and the war-time eras; the African American past from slavery to freedom, plus the first sit-down protest strike in the United States; and the city’s military role beginning with the French and Indian War.

Why not integrate the city’s offerings to produce something greater than the sum of individual events?

-Patty Sheetz, Alexandria