Your Views: Try biking around Alexandria, you’ll like it


To the editor:

As a regular bicycle rider, and sometimes automobile driver, living in Old Town, I am dismayed to read about the opposition by some to the changes made to Seminary Road. I find that whether on my bicycle or driving my car, the changes made to Seminary Road – and King Street – allow for a very pleasant experience.

I feel safe on my bicycle. And, being able to relax in my car while driving at the speed limit, I can take in the surroundings without having to worry about cars darting by or passing at speeds over the speed limit like the experience on so many other roads in the D.C. area.

I encourage those critical of the changes, and other changes in Alexandria to make it more bicycle friendly, to get on a bike and see what a pleasant and convenient experience it can be to bike around Alexandria and the D.C. area.

I think the purpose of the changes being made are not to accommodate those of us already using bicycles as a way of getting around, but to encourage others to do the same. I believe that if streets and roads are made safer for bicycles, they will be safer for everyone.

-Mike Schauer, Alexandria