Your Views: COVID can unite us

Your Views: COVID can unite us
Every Wednesday, residents in the Beverley Hills neighborhood display themed art in their windows and on their porches. (Courtesy Photo)

To the editor:

People are scared. Of course, they are. We’re facing historic challenges to our notions of liberty, community and freedom. But this will end. There will be a back side. And when it comes, how will our actions look in hindsight? Did we do all we could to rise to our best and help others in need? Did we live the values we preach in our community?

I believe we can and will. Every day, I’m amazed by acts of kindness and service I have witnessed in my neighborhood and beyond. From donating food, to walking pets and getting groceries, we are rising to the occasion every way we can. More than a thousand residents and a hundred volunteers are now part of a grassroots support group on Facebook to help each other across the city during this time. It is called “Alexandrians Supporting Alexandrians During COVID-19” and I encourage you to join to get or give help.

The path ahead is dark, but if we each light one candle, our beacon will draw others forward. Never has such a short period of time produced so much change and so much opportunity for people to unite in common purpose. So keep yourself and your family safe, and then continue to endeavor to be your best self by helping our community any way you can.

I have faith in my neighbors that we can get the job done together and sometime soon come out on the back side of this the strongest we’ve ever been as a community. That is the bright light at the end of the tunnel, and I believe it can be what keeps us moving forward.

-Kevin Dunne, Alexandria