Your Views: Predatory parking enforcement

Your Views: Predatory parking enforcement
Photo Credit: Cody Mello-Klein

To the editor:

Last week, I was getting my very sick partner some needed medication from the CVS on Eisenhower Avenue. I was in the store five minutes, retrieved the prescription and left. I made the error of parking in the adjacent lot, at the Hoffman Town Center. Only about three cars were there before I arrived.

Sure, I was unaware that there were signs indicating was only available for the businesses in the center-proper, but those businesses were seemingly closed. And it is the only place to park, really. CVS doesn’t seem to have any designated parking.

Anyway, on exit, I watched a tow truck absconding with my only transportation.

I flew across the street, like only fat, middle-aged men can, and stopped the driver, jumping up and trying to enter the cab of the truck. He was upset I’d touched his door handle, although he was towing my car away.

He did me one good thing by releasing y car.

But what I think is pretty awful is that it’s clear that only CVS customers are getting targeted. No one else has a need to park there, and most of those customers are in need of medicine.

So, somebody’s grandma, grandpa or just some poor infirm person, unable to bounce as well as I, is going to exit CVS and have a stroke because someone is lurking about, trying to make a quick buck. I just wanted people to know.

-Jeff States, Alexandria