Your Views: Old Town tree wells need some TLC

Your Views: Old Town tree wells need some TLC
The 100 block of King Street. (Photo Credit: Missy Schrott)

To the editor:

Have you noticed the multiple rat holes in many of the tree wells on King Street? I called the city about them but got some run around and interdepartmental finger pointing about the issue.

As we seek to rebuild our vital visitor economy in the months ahead, having rodents scurrying across the feet of visitors as they walk our historic main street will certainly not be helpful. The state of the tree wells in general is a disgrace.

While some efforts have been made to improve King Street overall, our tree wells also need to be beautified and defended from dogs and careless humans.

These important spaces could add much to our streets. As an example, the tree wells on North Alfred Street in front of Sweetgreen are built up with railroad ties and low fences. Carefully tended, plants can grow there.

Also, because of the uneven and often dangerous condition of our brick sidewalks, people tend to look down as they walk. Ridding these spaces of rodents should be a first priority. Please join me in insisting that the city work on this important issue before it becomes a bigger problem that’s harder to eradicate.

-Jody Manor, Alexandria