Your Views: Change is overdue Alexandria

Your Views: Change is overdue Alexandria
T.C. Williams High School (Photo Credit: Aleksandra Kochurova)

To the editor:

Across the United States, these past few weeks have been historic for the broad public condemnation of racial inequality. In major cities and small towns, peaceful demonstrations denounced continued racial disparity and unequal application of the law.

However, here at home, we have a constant reminder of the persistence of these norms. We have one public high school that serves 3,000 multiracial students. It is our flagship educational institution: T.C. Williams High School, a school that continues to bear the name of an ardent segregationist. This is not my opinion, but a fact born out in historic records, as well as documented on ACPS’ own website regarding its history.

This city should no longer reward this racist behavior nor seek to glorify its past by requiring our students to learn at the feet of someone who fought their being able to learn together. There is no better time than now to make this right. Change the name. Whether you prefer The Change High School, or Alexandria High School – or anything else – change must come.

We are the Titans, but we are not T.C. Williams’ Titans.

-Karen Farrell, Alexandria