Speak Easy: The Alexandria Times Podcast

(Graphic by Lyvian Sieg)

Welcome to Speak Easy, the Alexandria Times’ first podcast. Each month, our reporters will sit down with noteworthy residents, business owners, artists and community leaders to chat about all things Alexandria. Don’t worry about missing an episode; Speak Easy is available on the Apple Podcast app, Google Play and Spotify, and all episodes will be archived on the Times website.

Episode Zero: What is Speak Easy?


Ahead of the launch of the Alexandria Times’ first podcast, Speak Easy, reporter Cody Mello-Klein and editor Missy Schrott sit down to answer your biggest question: What is Speak Easy? They also introduce themselves and reveal the podcast’s first guest.


Episode One: Pat Miller


Alexandria Times reporter Cody Mello-Klein welcomes Del Ray philanthropist, activist and all-around good neighbor Pat Miller to the first episode of Speak Easy. Pat talks about how she first got into building community in Del Ray, the origins of Art on the Avenue, her work with the Alexandria Domestic Violence Shelter and how her pickup truck became a Del Ray icon.


Episode Two: Teddy Kim


Local developer Teddy Kim is bringing change to a city he has called home his whole life. Alexandria Times reporter Cody Mello-Klein sits down with Kim to discuss his memories of Alexandria in the 80s, the changing face of the city, gentrification and balancing history and possibility in redevelopment.


Episode 3: Olalekan Jeyifous


Olalekan Jeyifous, a Brooklyn-based artist, stopped by the studio to talk about his waterfront public art installation for the city, “Wrought, Knit, Labors, Legacies.” Jeyifous sat down with Times reporter Cody Mello-Klein to talk about everything from African megacities and solar punk to the power of architecture and making art for Starbucks.


Episode 4: Dr. Stephen Haering


For the first episode of Speak Easy in the age of social distancing, it seemed appropriate to sit down (remotely) with Alexandria Health Department Director Dr. Stephen Haering. Times reporter Cody Mello-Klein and Haering discuss how Haering became head of the AHD, his work spearheading the city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and how he is personally coping in a socially distanced world.


Episode 5: James Ross


The music director for the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, James Ross, stopped by the Times’ virtual studio to chat about music during the pandemic. Ross discusses his musical upbringing, playing music in East Germany at 22 years old, what actually goes into conducting an orchestra and how the ASO is adapting to the pandemic.


Episode 6: Tom Gale


Virtue Feed & Grain’s bourbon expert Tom Gale talks with Times editor Missy Schrott about his passion for spirits, Virginia’s storied bourbon past and what it’s been like working in the restaurant industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.