Your Views: Renaming T.C. Williams High School

Your Views: Renaming T.C. Williams High School
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A vote for Boone-Yoast H.S.

To the editor:

I recently heard about the effort to re-name T.C. Williams High School. As a native Alexandrian, may I suggest Boone-Yoast High School, a name fit for an anti-racist future while remembering those Titans?

-Jon Stier, T.C. Williams Class of ‘84 Seattle, Washington

How about ‘Titan High School?’

To the editor:

The need to rename the city’s high school has been evident for some time. T.C. Williams was a segregationist who represented the worst of what the Democratic Party and city government had to offer the commonwealth and the community at the time. He does not deserve the honor his name on the building bestows.

The question is what the high school should be called if not T.C. Williams. Many names have been tossed out, all of whom have their own constituencies but few of whom represent all the residents of the Port City.

Let me suggest the best name, and the only one we can all accept with pride and rally around, would be “Titan High School.”

Some may believe that naming the school after its teams is silly. That’s nonsense. What better example is there of unity of purpose and spirit than the accomplishments achieved by Coach Herman Boone and his remarkable players in 1971?

That team epitomized what is best about our city. They may be the only ones whose achievements set an example we all can agree our students should follow.

Remember the Titans. Name the school for them.

-Peter Roff, Alexandria