Alexandria Drive-In Theatre sells out

Alexandria Drive-In Theatre sells out
The Alexandria Drive-in. (Courtesy Photo)

By Olivia Tucker |

ALX Community and The Garden are partnering to bring Alexandrians a socially distanced drive-in movie experience this fall.

The Alexandria Drive-In Theatre will screen a movie every Saturday night for six weeks beginning on Aug. 29. Tickets have sold out already, reflecting a community eager for some pandemic-safe fun outside the house. The movies being shown are silver-screen classics like “Jurassic Park,” “Back to the Future,” “Trolls,” “Field of Dreams,” “E.T.” and “Mamma Mia!”

“We are blown away at how fast the Alexandria Drive-In sold out,” Maurisa Potts, public relations spokesperson for the drive-in series, said in an email. “It sold out four days after it was announced and we are so thrilled to bring some great family entertainment to the community while giving back and helping two great local charities.”

All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit two local charities — ACT for Alexandria and Athena Rapid Response.

According to the drive-in’s website, parking spaces are approximately 20 by 30 feet each, and everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a mask in order to gain entry. Screenings will begin at 8:30 p.m., and food trucks will be on-site each night