Your Views: Incompetence led to murder

Your Views: Incompetence led to murder
(Photo/Alexandria Police Department)

To the editor:

We should all be appalled by the actions and incompetence of multiple local officials that led to the violent murder of Karla Dominguez on July 29. Judge Nolan Dawkins’ decision to release Ibrahim Bouaichi from jail this April following Bouaichi’s October 2019 arrest for the alleged assault and rape of Dominguez was inexcusable, regardless of any concerns about COVID-19.

How many other violent criminals have Dawkins and other local officials released into our community due to COVID-19? Is any city official reviewing or revisiting these decisions in light of the murder of Dominguez?

The additional claim that Maryland officials failed to notify Alexandria officials that Bouaichi was arrested and jailed in May for DWI and assault is unforgivable. If Maryland officials had done their job, Bouaichi would have been returned to jail.

Dominguez should be alive today. This miscarriage of justice must be thoroughly investigated and those responsible held accountable. 

-Rich Burke, Alexandria