Foodie: Kick off the school year with apple nachos

Foodie: Kick off the school year with apple nachos
Apple nachos. (Photo/Heather Mills)

By Heather Mills

Apple season is upon us. Yes, you read that right: Somehow it is September already, and apple season is here. The summer seemed long but also lightning fast, and in just a few short days, we will begin parading about in plaid masks with a pumpkin spice latte in hand, heading to the orchards, or grocery stores, to pick up our favorite seasonal fruit.

I love apples and all of the recipes that you can create with them. Fall brings many warm, yet complex recipes, such as pies, cobblers and cakes. But when it comes to cooking for my son, I need something quick and easy. And since most of us are work-from-home parents now, I need fun recipes to get him exploring the kitchen with me.

I also need recipes with ingredients that are affordable and easy to source, so for me, the perfect recipe for fall has to include Aldi. I do all of my shopping at the Aldi in Del Ray and run an Instagram account called @allineedisaldi where I feature recipes I make for my family.

Gearing up for fall and winter, when we’ll likely be spending long days indoors, I have been trying to find and test go-to fun, easy recipes to make with my son.

Activities involving food are always a big win in our house, and they keep him busy while keeping us connected as a family. Apple nachos have become one of those go-to recipes. And with September here, I know we will be making them on a weekly basis at the minimum.

Apple nachos were a hit the instant they touched down on my son’s plate. I believe his exact words were, “Wow, Mommy, these are amazing. You are the best, and I will forever listen from now on because I am so happy.”

OK, maybe those weren’t his exact words. But I did achieve cool mom status for at least a couple of hours. By request, we have since made apple nachos together several times.

The greatest part of this recipe is that it is adaptable for different situations. Sometimes we keep them healthier for a breakfast dish, and sometimes we add fun toppings if we are making them as a snack or a treat. Either way, you and your littles will love this simple recipe.

This easy recipe gets even better: Everything you need is either in your pantry already or at your local grocery store. Below is my recipe for apple nachos. 

The writer runs an Instagram account called @allineedisaldi which features quick, easy and healthy family meals with ingredients that are all from the grocery chain Aldi.