Your Views: Bennett-Parker’s inadequate reaction

Your Views: Bennett-Parker’s inadequate reaction
Del Ray Business Association board member Bill Blackburn; City Councilor Canek Aguirre; Power Nectar Yoga founder Jane Bahneman and her son, Brady; Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker; Mayor Justin Wilson; and Power Nectar Yoga studio coordinator Vanessa Thomas cut the ribbon to open Power Nectar Yoga. (Courtesy Photo)

To the editor:

The arrest of a legislative aide to Vice Mayor Elizabeth Bennett-Parker should be a matter of serious concern. While youthful exuberance is entitled to some deference, that will not suffice to excuse this action by the aide.

If you are mature enough to hold such a position, you should realize that responsibility goes with the job. Assaulting a police officer is not a protected right nor is it simply demonstrating one’s position. It is a crime.

Cassidy Ketchem should have realized that her actions reflect, this time badly, on Alexandria and its citizens. 

The more serious matter is, however, Bennett-Parker’s failure to reprimand her aide and to reflect in her public statement that she recognizes, in some fashion, the seriousness of the situation. Her statement on the matter utterly fails to indicate that she has taken the matter seriously.

One would hope, but I have little faith, that Bennett-Parker has discussed the matter with the Alexandria Police Department. I am certain they are aware of the matter and of her inadequate public reaction. 

-David A. Norcross, Alexandria